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If you have been charged with assault, the Law Office of Erin Shinn Law is available to take your case today. Retaining the services of an experienced assault attorney in Austin will be a significant asset to your case, and attorney Shinn will be happy to discuss the details of your situation in order to begin building a defense case for you. Request a consultation today to start working towards a fair and successful outcome for your assault charges. There are a few ways you can be charged with assault, and depending on the circumstances, it can carry either a misdemeanor or felony charge.

Types of Assault in Texas

Under Texas law, the the crime of assault occurs when the suspect:

  • Intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causing injury to another
  • Threatens another with imminent bodily harm
  • Causes physical contact with another, knowing that it will be perceived as offensive or provocative

Regardless of the circumstances of your assault charges, Erin Shinn Law will be able to discuss the incident that led to the arrest, the nature of the arrest, the extent of your charges, and possible legal outcomes. If your arrest stemmed from a situation that resembles any of the above three distinctions, or was mistaken for any of the above three distinctions, Erin Shinn’s experience with assault and criminal defense law in Austin will be very helpful for you.

Felony or Misdemeanor Assault?

Misdemeanor Assault and Possible Penalties

Texas distinguishes a misdemeanor assault charge as either Class A, B, or C. Each carries a different maximum punishment, and each can be modified based on the circumstances surrounding the assault, the arrest, or your criminal history.

Class A Misdemeanor Assault

This is the maximum misdemeanor charge of assault, one that causes minimal bodily harm to another. The maximum penalty for this misdemeanor assault charge is a $4,000 fine and/or 1 year in jail.

Class B Misdemeanor Assault

This type of charge is a Class A misdemeanor that takes place against a sports official or participant, such as a soccer referee or a baseball player. The maximum penalties for this charge are $2,000 in fines and 180 days in jail.

Class C Misdemeanor

A Class C Misdemeanor Assault in Texas is one that did not result in bodily injury, but only constituted threats of bodily harm against another or minor physical contact. If the victim is elderly or disabled, the charges are automatically elevated to Class A. The maximum penalties for a Class C Misdemeanor Assault are fines of up to $500.

Felony Assault and Possible Penalties

A felony assault charge can be made if the incident involves any of the following:

  • A record of domestic abuse and the current assault is against a romantic partner or family member
  • The assault takes place against a public official
  • The assault is against an on-duty security guard or public official
  • You use a weapon of any sort during the course of the assault

The penalties for a felony assault in Texas can carry up to $10,000 in fines per charge, as well as a maximum of 20 years in prison. Keep in mind that additional charges alongside your assault arrest may increase the maximum penalties.

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